Ship lamps

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Maritime Ship Lights

Our lamps are available in brass, chrome and aluminum. As a result, the ship's lamps and hanging lamps cannot rust, so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Every ship's lamp is made of stainless metal and is therefore indestructible.

Materials: Brass, chrome and aluminum

Our lamps are from European quality and from our own import, hence we can offer the best price to offer!

Because of our large stock can 90% of the outdoor lamps be delivered within a few days.

Glasses and parts of marine lamps available

Spare glasses and parts are also permanently available on request. Ideally suited as inner lamp of outdoor lamp.

Copper ship lamp

Looking for one copper ship lamp? At Andries de Jong we have a wide range of ship lamps with this color. The metal of the ship's lamps consists of an alloy of copper and zinc or pure copper. You can choose from shiny or dull copper-colored ship lamps.

Also for brass lamps you are at the right place. The brass lamps are available in various designs: brass hanging lamps, brass stable lamps and brass outdoor lamps. Brass - also called yellow copper - is an alloy of copper and tin. This material is more yellow in color than pure copper. Brass is a material with a high hardness, so that a brass ship's lamp or normal brass lamp can take a beating.