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Our Tubes are of very high quality metal and you can choose from us brass, Chrome, anthracite en RVStubes. Because we can supply the tubes in different diameters, we have a large assortment. We can produce the tubes for you cut to size or in full lengths to deliver. If you have any questions, we are happy to provide you with the best possible advice.

Square tube

In addition to our round tubes, which are available in Brass, Chrome, Anthracite and Stainless steel, we also offer square shaped tubes to. These pipes are only available in stainless steel and give your pipe system a different appearance. The square shape can also be more practical in various situations than the round tube.

Connectors for pipes

We also offer connectors and connectors with which you can shape and attach your pipe system. Because of our wide assortment there is a nice copy for everyone. The coupling and connecting pieces are also available in the various types of material.

Curved tubes

We are also specialized in bending work, which is ideal for when you have special wishes with the tubes. Because we can offer a customized solution, the options are yours pipe system almost infinite.

For special requests made to measure, we ask you to contact us, so that we can go through your plans and give you an indication of the price. Unfortunately we cannot take custom work back.

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