Aluminum poles

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            Maintenance-free aluminum poles

            For a aluminum mast you are at the right place at Andries de Jong. Are you looking for a sturdy aluminum pole for your garden or company for extra allure?

            Chances are that there is something in between for you and that it is also very affordable. Our cylindrical aluminum flagpoles depend on the length, are available in various diameters and have a very favorable price - quality ratio.

            Aluminum is a durable and maintenance-free material, which makes this mast extremely suitable as a carrier for, among other things, your company logo. In combination with our rotary top systems you are always optimally visible.

            The masts can therefore take a beating, last a long time and are very resistant to bad weather conditions.

            Various aluminum poles

            We have a diverse range of prices, formats and shapes. The mast lengths vary from 4 to 8 meters and can be supplied with a ground pipe, tilting foot and transfer tube. In addition, each mast is provided with a cord and frog.

            Different sizes

            The diameters of our aluminum poles vary from 60 mm ø e NXNUM X mm ø and therefore fit in most regular holders. The lengths of the poles vary from 85 to 4 meters and different lengths between them.

            High masts, low prices

            The different aluminum poles are available in various price categories, each competitively priced. An excellent flagpole is available for every budget. You already have a beautiful aluminum flagpole € 228,50 including shipping costs!

            Do you need an aluminum pole? Order it today!