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      Type of glass

        Ship bells, school bells and shop door bells

        De ship bells offered on this page each consists of a cast alloy 80% copper en 20% tin.

        This composition gives the ship bell an optimal sound and has a wide range. In addition, this alloy is highly resistant to corrosion (and therefore rustproof), which means that every ship bell that we deliver can be exposed to bad weather conditions for a long time.

        With the help of the supplied wall bracket you can easily hang the bell on the wall of your house, school or pub. All ship bells are supplied with a bell rope.

        Calling in various formats and versions

        Andries de Jong supplies various bell diameters and designs. You also have the choice between different colors: brass of chrome.

        In addition to ship calls, we also have counter bells, also known as reception bell. Just like the ship bell, a desk bell is made from an alloy of copper and tin. We have different sizes for the schoolyard hand calling with wooden handle these are also common school bells called. Our classic shop door place yourself at the door so that people hear when someone comes in.

        Excellent quality and sharp prices!!

        All bubbles are of European quality with a firm clasp attachment.

        Do you have questions about a ship's bell? Then of course you can always set this by phone via 020 624 52 51. Did you know that Andries de Jong BV de eldest Ship shop is from the Netherlands! We exist Since 1787