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            Boat locks and motorcycle locks

            The need for one boat lock

            Happy with your motor boat? You're not the only one! Solution: a boat lock. Secure your boat and associated motor with a strong and reliable lock from our range.

            A boat lock is an effective security device for an outboard motor or the entire boat. A boat is often unattended. Theft of the outboard motor or even overall boat is therefore a common crime. Stay one step ahead of thieves and just put your boat and accompanying boat on the chain.

            Various boat locks from Double Lock

            Our range includes very reliable boat locks, varying between chain locks, cable locks, U-locks and outboard motor locks, each provided from the SCMlabel or ART-quality mark.

            Approved insurance contracts

            Are you interested in a reliable boat lock?

            For orders over € 75 euro there are no shipping costs associated with the order.

            If you prefer to pick up the order, you can. You are very welcome in our building on Muntplein in the center of Amsterdam. Here you can view and pick up our selection of locks for free.

            If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call 020 624 52 51.