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        Do you like to take care of everything down to the last detail? Then it is door fittings van Andries de Jong is definitely something for you. Our door fittings give the finishing touch to your boat or house. Finish a cupboard with a brass handle, or a connecting door with a chromed door handle. In addition, all of Andries de Jong's door fittings are easy to confirm. So you have the most beautiful finish in no time!

        Versatile cabin hooks
        Our cabin hooks are a simple, effective and stylish solution for closing doors and windows. We offer the choice from brass en chrome cabin hooks, so they always have the door fittings that match your interior. This is because it prevents the door or window from closing or opening when it is for example draft. We have different door fitting dimensions in our range. First check which size is best for your door or window and then order quickly and easily in our webshop. You can also visit Amsterdam!

        Close your door with door sliders
        Looking for an easy way to close your door without installing a complicated built-in lock? Then a door gate is the ideal solution. We have sliding the door in various sizes and colors so that we always have what you are looking for. A door slider is excellent for both indoor use (toilet door or window) and outdoors (gate or garden gate). Confirm it door fittings at the window or the door and it is guaranteed to stay in place.

        The best ratio of price and quality door fittings
        We can import all our door fittings directly from the factory, which means we can offer you low prices. Are you interested in Andries de Jong's door fittings?

        Order today via our web store. Orders from 75 € Worden free shipping!

        You are also very welcome to come and collect your door fittings in our store in Amsterdam. This is open from Monday to Saturday at our location on Muntplein, at the end of Kalverstraat.