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            Polyester masts

            For a polyester mast you are at the right place at Andries de Jong. Are you looking for a sturdy polyester mast for your garden or company for some extra allure? Chances are there is something for you.

            The mast is already supplied with a tilting foot to put the mast in the bottom. The mast can be adjusted so that it is always neatly vertical and you can easily tilt the mast when, for example, the line has come loose. You can also opt for one anti theft execution when there is a risk of theft of your beautiful flag. The frequently used high flags or banners hang neatly with a banner holder. This holder ensures that your logo is always legible, even without wind.

            Our masts are made from high quality fiberglass. This excellent material gives the conical mast a great flexibility and a long service life. In addition, a polyester mast requires little maintenance.

            The masts can therefore take a beating and are very resistant to bad weather conditions. The polyester mast is colored through and through, which ensures that a scratch will not stand out quickly. The mast has a white coated RAL 9010.

            Various polyester poles

            We have a diverse range of prices, formats and shapes. In addition, each mast has a line and a frog. To enhance the appearance, each mast is provided at the upper end with silver colored, gold colored of Orange drop shaped button.

            Various dimensions

            The diameters of our flagpoles 120 mmø including tilting foot. The lengths of the poles vary from 6 to 8 meters and different lengths between them.

            Large flagpoles, small prices

            The different flagpoles are available in various price categories, each competitively priced. An excellent flagpole is available for every budget. You already have a beautiful polyester mast for around the € 375,00 including shipping costs!

            Do you need a polyester mast? Order it today!