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            Boat rope and mooring lines

            Boat rope we deliver per meter in both natural and synthetic materials. The natural variants are beaten with hennep of Manila, the synthetic variants are beaten or braided with polypropylene of nylon.

            Andries de Jong has been active in the boat rope trade since 1787, particularly in the Amsterdam canals where the Golden Age still flourished. Then exclusively for the supply of rope to the boats and ships.

            The boat ropes were and are mainly used for mooring, as fender line en anchor line. Now we also deliver the ropes banister rope, rope for playing attributes and climbing ropes. The prices shown apply to rope per meter.

            Ropes in various diameters

            The boat ropes from the range are available in the different diameters.
            Tailor-made line or rope for you cut off unfortunately we can CANNOT in return take. Hoping for your understanding.

            Anchor rope for your boat

            Boat rope on spool

            It is also possible to take a complete coil. A coil consists of 100 meters of black braided nylon boat rope.

            Are you interested in the quality ropes of Andries de Jong? Order today via our web store. For orders higher than 75 € Free shipping applies. If you would like to pick up the boat rope, you are welcome from Monday to Saturday at our location on the Muntplein in Amsterdam, at the end of Kalverstraat.

            Do you have a question about one of our products? Then you can reach us by telephone on 020 624 52 51