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        Do you have a new home or boat, are you renovating or are your doors simply due for replacement? Then consider new hinges from Andries de Jong. These will ensure that your doors and windows are properly attached and open and close smoothly. We have various sizes hinges suitable for kitchen cupboards to portholes and from window frames to doors. View our entire range and find the hinges you are looking for!

        Same effect, different finish
        We have both hinges in one brass and chrome finish. That way we always have the right hinges for you. Have your hinges match your others door fittings to create unity. Our hinges are strong and made of high-quality material. This way you are always sure that your door or window is securely attached and will open and close smoothly.

        You can attach hinges in no time!
        Don't just start fitting your new hinges. Before fixing your hinge, it is important to determine the direction of rotation. On which side are the hinges to hang? Stand on this side and mark the place where the hinge should be on both the wall and the door or window. That way you can be sure that the door or the window will hang nicely. A final tip: First pre-drill the holes for the screws so that the wood does not split.

        Buy your hinges at Andries de Jong
        Do you want to buy one of our hinges? Order it today on our website. When spending above the 75 € Shipping is completely free. If you are in the area, you are of course always welcome in our branch on Muntplein in Amsterdam. Picking up your online order is possible here.