School bells

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        School bells and hand bells

        View the beautiful collection school bells from Andries de Jong. Traditionally these were dial of course used mainly at school, but nowadays they can also be found as a bell on the counter in a shop, as a party signal in the pub or as a percussion accessory in the house.

        The original school bells have a classic look due to the solid chrome or brass bell and the wooden handle. The school bell fits nicely in the hand and has a loud sound. This way you can easily grab everyone's attention when needed!

        Brass or chrome bells

        Our hand calling are made of solid brass, which makes them very sturdy. You can choose from three sizes, each with its own sound. The smallest with the highest sound is 5 centimeters in diameter and 10,5 centimeters high. Do you need a bell with a longer range? Then take a look at the medium or large copies. You can hear these versions effortlessly from a distance.

        Personalize your school bell

        A school bell is beautiful in the home for decoration. Because all our bells are made of solid brass or chrome, they are extremely suitable for engraving. In collaboration with Alfons de Letter in Amsterdam we can process every message on the school bell. Give a bell as a gift or personalize it so that it is completely in style with your boat or café!

        The best ratio of price and quality school bells

        We import all our school bells directly from the factory, which means we can offer you soft prices. Are you interested in a handbell from Andries de Jong? Order today via our web store.

        Orders from 75 € are sent for free! You are also very welcome to come and collect your handbell in our store in Amsterdam. This is open from Monday to Saturday at our location on Muntplein, at the end of Kalverstraat.