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When you glass clamps used to Keeping glass plates in place, it is nice if they connect to the rest of your interior. With these clamps you have the choice to attach them to a wall or to the pipes of your railing system.

At Andries de Jong you will find the glass clamps that suit your wishes. Glass plate clamps are very important for the secure attachment of glass on board. It is important that the glass clips connect well to the glass so that the glass plates do not shift. We have glass clamps that are suitable for glass plates of 6 and 8 millimeters. Make sure you use the correct size!

Glass clamps for pipe mounts and wall mounts

We have different types of glass clips. The most important difference between our glass clamps is the way in which they can be attached. So you can choose from clamps that can be mounted on the wall. The other option is the type of glass clamp that you mount to the pipes of your railing system. The versatility of the mounting options gives you the freedom to attach the glass plates at the desired location.

The eye wants something too

Equally robust, secure mounting of the glass clamps is important, but a nice appearance of the clamps is of course not wrong. When you use glass clamps to hold glass plates in place, it is nice if they connect to the rest of your interior. That is why we have the brass, chrome and stainless steel versions of many clamps. Match the shape to the rest of the boat by making a choice in the use of round, semicircular or square glass plate clamps.

Are you interested in the glass clips of Andries de Jong? Order today via our web store. For orders over 100 euros, free shipping applies. If you would like to pick up the glass clips, then you are welcome from Monday to Saturday at our location on the Muntplein in Amsterdam, at the end of Kalverstraat.

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