Wooden masts

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            Various wooden masts

            For a wooden mast you are at the right place at Andries de Jong. Are you looking for a sturdy wooden pole for your garden or on your façade for extra allure? Chances are there is something for you.

            Our wooden masts are made of laminated Norwegian pine. Each copy is produced according to traditional methods on the lathe of our mast maker. Because the segments are glued together, the wooden flag poles are prevented from warping or tearing.

            The masts can therefore take a beating and are very resistant to bad weather conditions.

            We have a diverse range of prices, formats and shapes. The mast lengths vary from 4 to 8 meters and can be supplied both round and square. In addition, each mast is provided with a cord and frog.

            Various dimensions

            The diameters of our flagpoles vary from 58mm ø and 100mm ø and therefore fit in most regular holders. The square flagpoles are available in 80mm x 80mm and 100mm x 100mm. The lengths vary from 4 to 8 meters and different lengths in between.

            Large masts, small prices

            The different flagpoles are available in various price categories, each competitively priced. An excellent flagpole is available for every budget. You already have a nice wooden mast in front € 299, - including shipping costs!

            Do you need a wooden pole? Order it today! Contact us for honest and expert advice.