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Looking for railing systems? Andries de Jong has a wide range of articles with which you can confirm your railing system completely according to your wishes.

The requirements for a railing system

A railing system does not only remain with just a pipe, but consists of various separate parts, including pipe supports, pipe caps and connecting pieces. Our range offers you various shapes and sizes so that you can put together your railing system completely according to style and taste.

The manufacture

The railing systems are made of solid unpainted brass, Chrome, hard coal of RVS. These materials prevent peeling and a railing retains its color. Moreover, these materials are easy to maintain and clean.

The possibilities of a railing system

Below are a number of ways in which our railing systems are applied:
As (foot) support to a bar
As a handrail
As a door handle
As a curtain rod
As a towel rack
As a clothes rack

View on bar handrail