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To seamlessly connect your tubes, are connectors and connectors required. With the help of these connecting pieces it is possible to make various constructions. Just like the tubes, we have various diameters and materials in stock. The diameters of the connecting and connecting pieces are 25mm, 40mm en 50,8mm and are available in it Brass, Chrome en Stainless steel

Square and round connectors

Do you have round or square tubes? We have suitable connectors for both shapes.

Connectors for 2, 3, 4 or 5 tubes
Medium cross pieces, knee pieces, Tees, bends en corner piecesyou can shape and fix the intended tube construction. Thanks to the brass manufacture you are sure of strong couplings that you will enjoy for many years.

Do you need coupling and connection pieces? Order them today in our webshop! For orders from € 100 and more we take care of shipping costs. If you want to view the products, you are of course always more than welcome in our branch at Muntplein in Amsterdam. It is also possible to pick up a webshop order here for free.

If you have any questions, you can always call to 020 624 52 51. We are available by phone from Monday to Saturday.

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