Boat lighting

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            Boat lighting

            De boat lighting either board lighting is required by law after sunset: port must be provided with a red light, starboard must be provided with a green light. If you own a motor boat, it should also be equipped with a top light according to the law. This rule also applies to motorized sailboats.

            Navigation lights

            With the boat lights the boat is perfectly visible to other boats and ships, allowing you and the other people to sail safely in the dark. We also have a range of 12V cabin lamps for the cabin, also cabin lighting called. All the boat lighting is 100% waterproof.

            Our productrange navigation lights of board lights consists of battery or 12 volt connection. The boat lighting that works on batteries is very suitable for the smaller boats.

            Top lights and board lights

            The beautiful navigation lights, from top light to side lights are available as brass or chrome-plated! We deliver authentic Italian models, which are very competitively priced. We make this possible by importing directly from the factory.

            Safety above everything

            Are you interested in a boat light or cabin lamp? Order it today via our website. For orders over 75 € we take the shipping costs for our account.

            If you have the opportunity to come by, you are of course always more than welcome in our branch at Muntplein in Amsterdam. You can collect your online order here for free.