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      Type of glass

        View our cast Scheepsbellen here

        Shipbells are not only handy on board, our bells also function beautifully as a decoration at home or in the pub. Take a look between our designs and sizes.

        The smallest ship's bell is 10 centimeters in diameter and perfect for smaller spaces where the bell is heard well. If you want to use the bell correctly in a noisy environment such as a café or pub, choose the imposing bell of 30 centimeters in size.

        Calling in Brass of Chrome

        These are also suitable for ships of 20 meters or longer. You can also order your at Andries de Jong shipyardl personalize.

        We work together with Alfons de Letter, who can engrave every message on your ship's bell. So you always have a unique item at home!

        Impact resistant ship bells

        All our ship bells consist of a cast alloy 80% copper en 20% tin. This composition gives the ship's bell an optimal sound with a wide range. Moreover, thanks to this alloy, the bubble is highly resistant to corrosion (and therefore rustproof).

        Each ship bell that we supply, therefore, defies the elements without any difficulty. So hang the bell outside with confidence for years pleasure. With the help of the supplied wall bracket you can easily attach the bell to the wall of your house, school or pub. Of course all ship bells are delivered with a bell rope.

        Order online or visit us!

        Are you interested in a ship bell of your choice? Order it today on our website. When spending from 75 € is the shipping whole for free.

        If you are in the area, you are of course always welcome in our branch on Muntplein in Amsterdam.

        All available sizes in the web store are available at this location. Picking up your online order here is also possible.