Dutch flags

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      Type of glass

            Dutch flags of superior quality

            All Dutch flags are manufactured from extremely durable material that is light, water and wash resistant.

            The flags are of superior quality and woven from strong 160-gram cloth from SpunPolyester. Moreover, each of the three tracks is individually sewn. The flags are all stitched around double-needle and are standard equipped with a refraction band with loop and a line.

            This double-needle hem and the heavier fabric make the flag much better, stronger, more traditional and more beautiful than a printed flag. Andries de Jong is unique in this.

            You can choose from the standard classic cobalt blue or with navy blue job.

            The Dutch flag in various forms

            The Dutch flags are available as a dot flag and as the normal rectangular flag.

            A wide variety of flag sizes

            From small to large, at Andries de Jong we have a wide range of flag sizes. So is there someone successful, graduated, a holiday or is it the king's birthday? Andries de Jong has Dutch flags in different formats in 15: from a minimum of 20 cm x 30 cm, a maximum of 300 cm x 600 cm and everything in between. All Dutch flags, regardless of surface and shape, are available from stock.

            Do you want a Buy Dutch flag? Order it today on our website. When spending above the 75 € is the shipping whole for free. If you are in the area, you are of course always welcome in our branch on Muntplein in Amsterdam. Picking up your online order is possible here.