Scheepshoorns & Megaphones

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            Scheepshoorns & Megaphones

            Ship's horns, fog horns en call horns are the means of communication on the water, each with its own specialty.

            Fog horns

            Fog horns are used as a warning signal during very bad weather conditions and it is impossible to see ships, rocks and other obstacles approaching. A foghorn has a low pitch and can be heard at great distances. If you are interested in a quality ship's horn, Andries de Jong offers very beautiful authentic fog horns DHR, a Dutch manufacturer: a fog horn pump and a blow fog horn. Both variants are made of brass.

            Call horn

            The call horn, also called a megaphone, is, in contrast to the fog horn, suitable for coaching sports competitions. This type of horn is often used in rowing.

            12 Volt handset for your boat

            In addition to the megaphone and fog horn, we also deliver 12 Volt horns this very loud ship's horns are made of stainless steel and work on 12 Volt and are easy to mount on boats and cars.

            Do you have a ship's horn, foghorn, call horn of megaphone required? Order it today in our webshop! For orders over € 75 we take the shipping costs for our account.

            If you want to view the products, you are of course always more than welcome in our branch at Muntplein in Amsterdam. Here you can also pick up your megaphone or ship's horn ordered in the webshop for free.

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