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            Large selection of boat flags

            The most important flag on a boat is the nationality flag.

            You carry this boat flag on the stern and on a flagpole, in line with the keel. It brightens up a boat or ship and of course shows which region you are from.

            You also have the courtesy flag: a small sized regional flag on the right (starboard) of the mast.

            Flags in various designs

            Because boat flags are continuously exposed to precipitation and wind, every boat flag in our range is made of highly woven Spun polyester. This material does not wrinkle, retains its shape, retains the colors well and lasts a long time. The properties that a boat flag needs.

            Wind and colourfast!

            At Andries de Jong you can choose from a Dutch or Amsterdam point flag. Or a Dutch or Amsterdam boat flag. We also supply boat flags for boat owners who prefer navy blue at the bottom of the flag instead of the classic cobalt blue. To greet your fellow water sports enthusiasts you can use a Geus.

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            We also supply matching Boat flagpoles en Flagpole holders