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            Various flagpoles for your facade

            Front flagpoles you've come to the right place at Andries de Jong. So can the flag fly out because your child has passed his or her birthday or to promote your company or event?

            Then view the range of Andries de Jong! Our flagpoles are made from high-quality and durable materials and have a refined finish. So they can take a beating and are resistant to weather and wind.

            We have a diverse assortment, with a wide variety of materials, sizes and prices. From cheap plastic-coated flag poles with plastic buttons to traditional wooden poles with decorative buttons. The flagpoles are available in aluminum, polyester and wood. Moreover, you have the choice between different ends. There are sticks with an orange drop button, a teak button, a decorative piece and a simple button.

            Various flagpole dimensions

            Our flagpoles have a standard diameter of 30 mm ø and therefore fit in the regular holders. The lengths of the poles vary from 2 to 3 meters and different lengths between them.

            Large flagpoles, small prizes

            The different flagpoles are available in different price categories, each competitively priced. An excellent flagpole is available for every budget. You already have a good flagpole for € 12,50!

            Do you have a flagpole required? Order one of our flagpoles today!