Flagpole buttons and weights

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      Type of glass

            Flagpole buttons

            De flagpole heads are available in different shapes and colors the plastic buttons are for a Flagpole with a top diameter of 60 mmø. Measure the top diameter of your flagpole in advance.

            Various mast knobs

            This flagpole buttons are of very good quality and you slide over the top of the mast you have the choice of one plate or a teardrop shaped button.

            The Wooden flagpole knobs are traditionally made by our mast maker and available in 2 diameters.

            If your mast has a different diameter, then we can probably also supply it, please contact us and we will be happy to help 020-6245251

            Flag weights

            Our flag weights ensure that your flag stays nicely straight. With a lot of wind your flag can hit the mast, you can prevent this from hanging on it. Because ours flag weights made of plastic, it cannot damage your premises.