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      Schatz, Barigo and Altitude

      Our wide range in Schatz, Barigo en Altitude clocks offers a wide selection of beautiful authentic clocks. Both brands are originally German manufacturers and use the highest quality standards.

      All mechanical instruments are carefully assembled, tested and adjusted by hand. In addition to clocks, we also offer various other measuring instruments.

      Measuring instruments and clocks

      Choose Schatz and Barigo barometers, outdoor thermometers, weather stations or ship bells, then you opt for high quality and a beautiful, modern-classic design. The brand treasure en Barigo we are already selling 60 years we buy the ship's clocks, barometers and thermo-hygrometers in brass, chrome or stainless steel directly from the factory. Because we purchase all these products directly, they are very competitively priced!

      About Altitude

      Altitude and Barostar started as two companies in the same town of Morteau, in Franch-Comté. At the time, this was also the leading region for micro-technology in France.
      The history of Barostar begins with designing a watch in 1939. Altitude, however, was set up a little later, in 1955. Both factories developed their unique barometer movements at the time: Barostar in the years 1950 and Altitude during the '60 years. In particular the MECA barometer movement, which is being developed by Altitude in the '70 years. The watch company stops in 1980 and Barostar then develops various meteorological instruments. In 1994, Barostar takes over the Panchet à Paris company. Altitude takes successively VION in 1992, Barostar in 1999 and the German Schatz 1881 in the year 2000.
      From 2012, the Delite company has had the wonderful brand Schatz 1881 also taken over, and subsequently Delite the brand Altitude purchased in the year 2013.
      Today, the beautiful ones are still becoming ship bells, barometers, housings, timepieces and other productions of Delite, Schatz 1881, Altitude, VION and Barostar produced in Måløv, Denmark.

      Altitude clocks and instruments

      We are also a dealer of recently Altitude. Altitude is involved in the manufacture of maritime and nautical instruments for the benefit of shipping and is allowed to join the world's leading manufacturers.

      All our instruments are of top quality and look great on board a sailing yacht or as a decorative element in an office or home. This one ship bells en measuring instruments let every room speak.

      We have a large assortment in our store, feel free to come and see the instruments, our employees will assist you provisionally.

      We look forward to seeing you Andries de Jong on the Muntplein 8 in Amsterdam