Oil lamps

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      Type of glass

      Oil lamp / Storm lantern

      Looking for oil lamps, storm lanterns or authentic brass lamps? The oil lamps and lanterns from Andries de Jong are available in various shapes and sizes. A number must be mounted on the wall or hung on the ceiling. Portable petroleum lamps also belong to the range. Easy when the light has to be moved regularly, such as on a boat.

      Oil lamps of the highest quality

      Each oil lamp en Storm Lantern has in common that they are manufactured from the best materials of their kind and are produced by renowned manufacturers such as DHR, Feuerhand en Petromax. Moreover, the designs are from High Quality and meet the highest European safety standards.

      The lamps are available in brass, RVS en aluminum which prevents rust and peeling off.

      Antique design

      Taste the atmosphere of the past with an old-fashioned oil lamp or table, on the wall or ceiling. The design and the warm light that an oil lamp emits work mood-enhancing and is therefore a nice element for the garden, balcony, bedroom or living room. Because of our wide selection of lamps and lanterns, there is a beautiful lamp for every price category.

      Safety above everything

      The lamps can be used outside on the boat or in your garden and even so safe that you can also enjoy them indoors. The good quality of the lamps in combination with the fact that nowadays the houses are many times better ventilated, makes an oil lamp a safe light source. For any questions about the correct method of use, you can of course contact us, we are happy to advise you!

      orders above the € 75 euro are sent completely free!