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      Type of glass

            Flagpoles Wood, Aluminum or polyester

            Our wide selection flagpoles made of three different materials: polyester (conical), aluminum (conical and cylindrical) en wood are available in various designs, lengths, diameters and fixings.

            The flagpoles are available in various price categories, each competitively priced. An excellent flagpole is available for every budget. You already have a mast for € 228,50 including shipping costs!

            Conical or cylindrical flagpole

            A cylindrical flagpole has the same diameter over its entire length. A conical flagpole has a larger diameter at the bottom and a smaller diameter at the top. The latter is the traditional version of a flagpole

            Flagpole lengths

            The mast lengths vary from four to eight meters and different lengths between them. All masts are provided with a cord and frog.

            Different diameters

            The diameters of our flag poles vary from 58 mm ø and 100 mm ø and therefore fit in most regular holders. Ask for Ian Krom, the owner, he has 20 years of experience with this matter. Many masts can be installed by yourself with some skill. If desired, we can of course also arrange the placement for you.