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            Signal flags / signal flags

            The signal flags are available as a set, consisting of 40 flags.

            Communicate with signal flags

            Signal flags are a traditional form of communication within shipping. Moreover, this 'shipping language' is universally established, so that international ships can communicate with each other easily and relatively quickly over distance. Each signal flag represents a letter from the alphabet as we know it or represents a number. Codes are formed by making combinations.

            set of 40 flags

            For example, the PYU combination means "good trip". It is also possible to ask questions. For example, the ECE flag combination asks for the course. All codes can be looked up in the International Codebook.

            Use of signal flags today
            Nowadays, communication between ships is usually via the radio. Nevertheless, the signal flags are used regularly. It is therefore always handy to use the signal flags have on hand in the case of emergency. Good to know: V stands for "I need help!".

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