Boat flagpoles

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            Boat flagpoles

            Our boat flagpoles are available in two variants: the clear varnished ash flag pole and the unpainted teak flag pole. Both boat flagpoles have two holes in the button for attaching a flag. The boat sticks from our range are very strong and yet lightweight.

            Straight and curved boat flagpoles

            The ash wood boat flagpole models are available both straight and curved. Both variants come with the same button on the end of the pole.

            Various lengths
            The lengths of the boat flagpoles from our range vary between the 50cm and 150cm.

            Flagpole holders with various angles

            Each type of flagpole holder from the range has its own corner in which the flagpole is worn. You can choose from: 30, 60 en 90 degrees.

            Various diameters

            De flagpole holders are available in three common diameters: 16mm, 20mm en 25mm. Check the diameter of your flagpole and select the correct size holder to make sure that the flag stays in place. Each flag pole holder is equipped with a possibility to tighten the flag pole to keep the flag in the right place.

            Are you interested in a flagpole for your boat? Order it today via our webshop. We also supply matching flagpole holders and matching boat flags.

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