Boat accessories

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            In the Aquatics There are still a number of various accessories that you cannot do without. We supply umbrella anchors, swimming stairs, paddles with or without boat hook and emergency signs

            Boat maintenance

            Nothing is with one boot as important as it maintenance of it. A boat has a lot to endure with the changing of the seasons. To enjoy your boat as long as possible, it is important that it is well maintained.

            Boat cleaner and boat wax

            Andries de Jong also supplies the right items for this. After using the boat cleaner it is important to include this in the boot wax to put. This water-repellent layer prevents corrosion of your boat or ship.

            Puts buckets for on board

            Unique 100% PVC pits.
            Very strong and durable. Leaves no streaks on deck and due to the absence of metals, damage to your ship is virtually impossible, Content of the bucket 7 liter.

            Umbrella anchors

            2.5kg t / m 8 kg. Ideal for small to medium-sized boats and as a stern anchor for larger boats. Because you can fold an umbrella anchor it is compact to store.