Banker's lamps

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    Type of glass

      classic banker's lamp

      The classic banker's lamp, also known as a notary lamp or library lamp is a nice accessory for a desk or bedside table. Both for writing and reading, this banker's lamp provides a pleasant working light. Moreover, this nostalgic lamp fits in almost all interiors, regardless of trendy, classic or modern. These characteristics also make this notary lamp an ideal lamp for the office or office.

      Banker's lamps in various variations

      De banker's lamps have traditionally been finished with a brass base and green cap. Should the classic notary lamp not match your interior? Nowadays there are several sizes and colors available at Andries de Jong. The caps are made of glass and in it green available. The bottom part is in brass to obtain.

      A low price

      The various banker lamps are available in different price categories. So there is a beautiful notary lamp for every budget. Every lamp is competitively priced.

      Give a library lamp as a gift?

      Since this lamp always works out nicely as a gift, we give it as a gift tip. In addition, retro items are hip and sought after. Make the party-keeper happy with a new one old banker's lamp.

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